Two Palms Yoga Room

  1. Yoga can be practiced by anyone, at any age or any level of fitness. 

  2. Yoga is practiced in the bare feet.

  3. Wear comfortable, loose fitting clothes that allow for movement.

  4.   Make sure you are hydrated before the class by drinking plenty of water during the day.

  5.   If you are thirsty during the class only drink small sips.

  6.   Try not to eat a large meal before the class, if you are really hungry have some fruit or an oatcake with a small handful of almonds and eat your larger meal afterwards, it’s better for you that way.

  7.   Try to come to the class a few minutes early and take advantage of the space to lay out and relax or do a small meditation this will help in your practice.

TESTIMONIALS....  what people have experienced at Two Palms Yoga Room

I was delighted to find Two Palms Yoga in Stoneybatter.  Fiona is a wonderful teacher and has created a beautiful yoga space within her fabulous period home on Aughrim Street. Also the price at Euros 10 per 1.5 hour class plus every 10th class free is great value.  Fiona has created a very welcoming, warm and fun space in Stoneybatter to practice.  I especially love Yoga Nidra on a Friday night at 6.30, it sets me up for the weekend. Cathleen, Stoneybatter

Not understanding what yoga was, I decided to give it a try. It was totally different to my expectation of what I perceived as simply breathing techniques. I was amazed to see how much flexion and mobility that is in the body but also the benefit the session gave to my mind. It is rare in an age where we are under daily pressure that the time with Fiona & her teaching technique, gave me a new perspective and the thought again of possibility.I would highly recommend Fiona as a yoga mentor. Debbie

Men! Yoga! No way!  I didn’t know what to expect. I took a notion to sign up to the course in an effort to improve my flexibility.  At the beginning, I was a bit of a cynic but after eight weeks I’m a convert!  The small class teaching at "Two Palms" allows you to spend time working on and improving your technique.  From the very first class I could feel the effects of it. It’s hard work but very rewarding.  I can’t recommend it enough.”  Justin, Accountant

Two Palms Yoga has been my first experience with yoga--I was a complete beginner. I like to run, so I was hoping that practicing yoga along with my running would help me avoid muscle strain and improve my breathing, since I have asthma. I am amazed at the amount of flexibility I have developed through practicing yoga. For the first time in my life, I can touch my toes! Two Palms Yoga has become an essential part of my week: it contributes so much to my mindfulness and sense of peace. The yoga practice creates a sanctuary in my busy and sometimes chaotic life. Greer, Dublin Simon Volunteer

I have been practicing yoga at Two Palms for a year now and it has been an amazing journey- Fiona is a fantastic and attentive teacher that allows each person to develop at individual pace and there is a lot of attention given to get the full benefit from each pose. I have been enjoying hatha yoga practice immensely, particularly the structure of each class - breathing work at first, then poses and relaxation at the end. For me the best part of yoga experience is that by all the different poses you may “awake” parts of your body that wouldn’t normally be challenged in a regular exercise routine. Practicing yoga is great for both body and mind - breathing techniques help to relax and by practicing different poses the body gets tones and gains flexibility. Ewa, Stoneybatter

Before starting yoga in the Two Palms Yoga with Fiona, I had just finished an 8 week local yoga class for beginners. I had enjoyed the eight week course and wanted to keep it up. My friend told me about Fiona's classes so I thought I'd give them a go. Right from the start I loved them. They were the perfect fit for me. I had thought the other course was pretty easy, I quickly realised it was because I was doing a lot of the poses incorrectly. With Fiona, she quickly showed me what I should have been doing and I immediately felt the benefit. After her classes, I always leave with a great feeling of both relaxation and having done a good work out. Perfect combination.

Her classes are small usually 6 people or so and can sometimes be a private one to one session! Every week is different so it never gets boring and the room is tranquillity itself, with scented candles and a high ceiling in a beautiful Victorian House. Twelve weeks in now and I can really see and feel the results, mussels I never knew I had are toning up nicely! Also, I see the classes as a hour and 15 minutes of "me" time, I think we all owe it to ourselves to spend at least that on ourselves once a week, don't you agree :) !?  Justine, Smithfield

I enrolled in Two Palms yoga in 2008, prior to that I was doing yoga in a local centre where classes amounted to 25 or more. I felt the crowded atmosphere did not present to me the relaxation and attention iI required. On joining Two Palms yoga and meeting Fiona I found what I was looking for, the small groups, wonderfully attentive teacher, relaxing atmosphere, what more could a body ask for! I 100% recommend Two Palms yoga for mind ,body, and soul. Catherine, Stoneybatter

“Two Palms Yoga” first attracted me because it was literally one-minute walk away from where I live.

I also really liked the sound of an intimate yoga space, which would provide sanctuary to the Stoney Batter community. I was very impressed when I first walked in and was welcomed by Fiona’s friendly face into the exquisite and safe haven she had created: Candle lights, nurturing scent of burning oils, warm and colourful materials, beautiful yoga room and friendly faces…

"I had attended yoga practice at a large gym prior to starting at Two Palms Yoga. The relaxed and friendly atmosphere, pleasant surroundings and the individual attention during practice are the stand out reasons

why Two Palms Yoga is different."  John, Stoneybatter

"Two Palms Yoga is my first experience of yoga and what a joy it has been. I look forward to each class and find it challenging without feeling out of my depth. I feel Fiona is really involved in each class and not just going through the motions which helps students keep focus,execute poses correctly and never get bored. The classes are fantastic value for money and there is always plenty of room to manoeuvre. Fiona is an excellent teacher, Two Palms Yoga room is a wonderful space, I highly recommend the classes" Sinead, Stoneybatter

At two Palms yoga, I appreciate the warmth and enthusiasm that spreads from Fionas facilitation through out the class. I usually leave having experienced the benefits of introduction to a new posture or sequence of yoga that Fiona has shared. Connecting learning ,experience, and goodwill all in the session. Thats yoga for me.  Pears

Someone told me yoga is very boring. I smiled and thought about my yoga practice at Two Palms Yoga where each lesson starts as a new journey and Fiona's gentle presence feels often as navigation of my own inner voice.I realized that there is something therapeutic about having a yoga teacher that I trust. Similar to a good talk with a counselor it allows me to come back to myself, bring awareness to the pieces that i forget about during the daily run. so i keep coming back.  :)  - Katarina

"I'm thoroughly enjoying my classes at Two Palms Yoga, and I'm definitely both more supple and more relaxed as a result.  I always feel extremely well looked after there, it's a beautiful environment to be in, and it's great to experience the increased strength and comfort of movement." Stephanie, Stoneybatter

Two palms is a beautiful place to practise- having tried a number of different studios I found two palms to be the nicest environment to practice in and all classes really challenging. Fiona seems to get the most out of all her students be they absolute beginer (as I am) or a lot more advanced. Numbers are very small so the level of attention is fantastic. Two Palms offers a great opportunity to get excellent individual attention at a very reasonable price. I can't recommend it highly enough.- Eoin, Dunshaughlin, Co. Meath

I really enjoyed Fiona’s teaching and felt very nurtured throughout the session.  With her gentle yet well-focused approach, Fiona was able to progressively accompany and guide my body and breath, into positions that I didn’t even know my body could host! I left that first night feeling so free and flexible yet so grounded in the same time.  I would recommend “Two Palms Yoga Classes” to anyone who is looking for integrity and holistic nurturing of their body, mind and spirit.  And what’s more: the price for the classes is very reasonable. So, see you on the mat soon! Aelaig

I'll be signing up to another 8 week course if you could hold me a place that would be fantastic. 

Just to say thank you for the everything so far, I can't believe it's been nearly 4 months since I started the Wednesday night with you. I really look forward to the yoga session each week it's definitely something the body has been crying out for for the last few years. A wake up of tired bones, muscles and mind!

You have a great way of explaining and you create a very positive space to practice in. And I can find with time poses are getting easier, thats not to say the sessions are getting easier, you keep it interesting with new poses each week. James, Stoneybatter, Sound Engineer

The quotes below were taken from a recent (Spring 2013) short and anonymous survey that students both new and regular were asked to briefly explain their experience at Two Palms Yoga.   I enjoyed reading their feedback, it’s wonderful to hear about so many positive experiences.....

“Two Palms is a beautiful relaxing but challenging place to practice yoga in a friendly atmosphere with small intimate groups, I would highly recommend - it makes me more relaxed, my life flows better, helps posture, a great balance to the other more hectic sports I do like running etc”

“Two Palms is the type of yoga room that encourages you to come back - yoga has enabled me to have confidence in my own thoughts and allowed me freer movement”

“I always come away feeling relaxed and good. I look forward to it each week - helped with my breathing and relaxation”

“For many years I have always wanted to try yoga but always thought it was more aimed at women, but when I spoke to Fiona on the phone about joining she put me so at east and said many men do the classes too.  And from my first day til today I have enjoyed all my classes with Fiona, every week is a different type of class which can be very challenging and relaxing and makes me look forward to doing yoga every week - it has made me a lot calmer and taught me to be able to train my body without the stress of gym training, I am very happy with the classes”

“Thanks to yoga I’m gaining more control over my body and mind - Yoga has reduced my muscle pains during the winter”

“Very relaxing and calming environment”

“It has helped me sleep and switch off my mind even in 4 weeks, I feel more confident about my body”

“I found a very balanced and mature space which opened my mind to yoga and met my need for dealing with aches and general well being”

“It has helped me understand my body better and taught me how to work with it and I understand a lot of other postures better. There is a little “wow” in every class for me. I especially love the “odd” poses.”

“Excellent. I never thought I’d be a yoga person now I cant live without my yoga fix each week :-)!”

“Very good, very knowledgable helps all feel at ease - helped my mobility and mindfulness”

“I look forward to it every week, even if I’m tired and drained it revitalises and invigorates me, it destresses me

“ V. Good! Intense, detailed, minute, practice -  improved my ageing experience”

“I am very happy with yoga @ Two Palms, the surroundings are lovely, there is always a good atmosphere, the classes are kept varied and interesting an dI always feel great after a class - it has benefited me by giving me the sense that I a doing something for myself and my health!”

“Two Palms Yoga helps me to relax and appreciate my body - no more back pain, feel balanced”